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princess wrote

Dear Kevin, A few weeks ago I was looking for callboys on the internet. That's when I discovered you, and I knew I wanted you. In my imagination I have often thought about booking a callboy. Yes and then I contacted you. Even the first contact was so familiar that I booked a date with you. I counted the weeks until you showed up at my door. You blew me away, your looks, your smell, your style, wow. Your kisses kindled a fire in me that wanted to be quenched. Your touch made me tremble inside, we kissed again and again. You are a wonderful lover, gentle and also wild. Your hands, mouth, tongue were everywhere. You made me cum and your steadfastness is impressive. I had flights of fancy and my lust was satisfied like no other man has ever done. I want more from you, new varieties, I'm curious what's to come. To the next date, you wild, sexy lion. LG Andrea: (Princess)


Kristin wrote

I felt like doing something completely crazy. The best idea of my life. My gaze lingered on the picture of Kevin. It just spoke to me. I didn't hesitate and write for long. The contact was wonderful from the first moment, very personal, very nice and authentic. That took away my fears and insecurities that I had at the beginning. Basically, he was always available for me. The meeting itself went very smoothly... quite naturally, almost like a "normal" date. I felt very comfortable with him from the start and by no means felt like a customer. Kevin is a very passionate lover who absolutely knows what he is doing. He hits the spot between tenderness and abandon down to the last detail. I enjoyed the hours and very seldom in my life have I experienced such satisfaction. I felt like Kevin could read me what I need...without having to put it into words.

I am convinced that this meeting will not be the last.


Viola wrote

Kevin... The most successful mixture between spoiled and unspoilt, between man and boy, between talking and doing...  All the women who comment here are blown away... Rightly so...  Nobody rubs their thumb over your mouth after a kiss like him - it makes you wake up at night, even days afterwards...! Kevin is a long-term investment - he will accompany you for a long time, with his gestures, his laughter, his looks, his body, his sensuality, tenderness and passion... I am very happy to have met him - it went so naturally from the start. Good thing I just did what felt right - check in with him... He's not pushing you, he doesn't have to - he just pulls you in and you're ready to give him your firstborn 😉 He is so present that you will savor every second... No veil, no border between dream and reality... You are in the here and now with him - do it, girl, do it! How could I have lived so long without skin on skin and wet kisses... In his presence everything is as easy and free as it can only be for two - really nice and right - woman doesn't want to stop anymore, that's how it should be... He showed me that on the one hand I'm on the right track, not to make any compromises: they exist, the great men - and on the other hand I have to be a bit more flexible in terms of age structure... Younger is the new perspective. Kevin definitely has a permanent place in my heart and is one of the greatest people I know...

Thank you for everything, Viola


Vivi wrote

Kevin... He turns everything upside down and puts everything in the right place at the same time... Thanks for an unforgettable weekend. Thanks for the one north. Vivi

Alicia wrote

Dear 🦁 Kevin,
Kevin is a real lion, he loves sex as much as I do. I wanted to experience an exciting adventure with a strange man, have different experiences and at the same time feel protected and in good hands. I needed training in love. For 2 days I was looking for a suitable man on escort sites. Kevin always caught my eye. I decided to text him even though I was very excited. We wrote to each other for a few days before we met in a hotel. I was very nervous and excited. Kevin stroked my legs and kissed me tenderly, from that moment it was like a rush for me. I moved outside of space and time, I felt his hands everywhere. I had the feeling that I had known my lion for a very long time and was therefore able to let myself go very well. Kevin spoiled me a lot during these hours. It was like a dear training course. I could enjoy cuddling and good conversations with Kevin. Hopefully I will be able to experience the next training again soon.
Thanks for the beautiful moments. Love Alicia.

H wrote

Dear Kevin!
I didn't want to write. But after reading the video interview, comments and your answers, I have to do this. You did brilliantly. My congratulations on that. You were also dressed appropriately. We've already met several times and I have to say it wasn't the last time. I feel in good hands with you. Even if it's only hours. But I didn't want to miss them. It also took me some time to get in touch with you. A swingers club wouldn't be an option for me because I usually panic when too many strangers try to touch me. I'm still amazed that it worked out so well for you. Your pleasant and emphatic manner gave me a feeling of security. One could get used to it. But believe me I still have room for improvement.
I am already looking forward to seeing you again today, so that you can spoil me with “temporary love”. I will enjoy that.
Stay healthy and best wishes see you very soon.

T wrote

Dear Kevin,

At first it was just a fantasy in my head to book a callboy, then the fantasy became an idea and I started searching the net. During my search, your pictures caught my eye and appealed to me like no other escort. However, it then took me two whole months to write to you because I didn't have the courage.

I hadn't felt the closeness of a man for a long time and I wasn't sure if it would work with you, a complete stranger to me. When you visited me for the first time, it was really nice with you, I had the feeling that I had known you for a very long time. I realized that next time I want a whole night with you.

That night you were there for me, I felt your hands and kisses all over my body. You made me climax multiple times that night. I have never felt so close to a strange man. You have a great body, you smell good, and you're a great listener and conversationalist. That was definitely not the last night I spent with you.


Catherine wrote

Best birthday present ever ;)

Dear Kevin,

First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful adventure. Even a week later I still have a smile on my face. Ever since we first contacted them via WhatsApp, I felt like I was in good hands. What's more, we were very familiar right away. Which means that you are good at adjusting to people and empathetic. It's a gift that hardly anyone has anymore. Please keep that. Your appearance is "dream man" - like. The suit fits perfectly and your perfume taste is very good. That's why I talked so much. After all, you don't meet a man like that every day. We could talk about anything which was very pleasant. When we changed into the bedroom and I saw your body, I wanted to climb over the balcony for a moment *laughs. I only had 2 thoughts in my head: “Quickly turn off the light. I need to lose weight urgently." But you were able to dispel these doubts very quickly. Your kisses, your touches and the sex were sensational and enduring. So I was happy about the encore the next morning. We'll definitely see you again this year! I can barely wait for it.

Dear ladies: don't think long, just treat yourself to it! It helped me to perceive myself and my body differently and appreciate it more. I highly recommend Kevin



Sandra wrote

And I thought I already knew quite a bit about men, sex and passion…! But then I met Kevin - he taught me better and nicer and led me into a completely new dimension. Kevin, thank you for these fantastically beautiful hours.



M wrote 

Once again a few wonderful days and nights with Kevin, I thank you for your attention, your tenderness, your spontaneity (swimming after 7 p.m. :) ), just for every minute I could enjoy with you! You are a wonderful person and it's a pity that we won't be seeing each other again any time soon.
Greetings from Switzerland


Christina wrote

Dear Kevin!
First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful time I was allowed to spend with you. The night is not always made for sleeping, I can only agree. I couldn't get enough of your tenderness, the nice conversations and the super sex. You read my wishes from my eyes and I was blown away. The increase from our first date is enormous. You spoiled me like I was a princess. I felt very comfortable around you and could really let myself go, which I didn't do so well on our first date. I would have liked to stop time, which unfortunately is not possible.
I have the desire to see you again and to be infatuated by you. Until then I wish you a good time.


Sophia wrote 

My dear Kevin, thank you for the unforgettable time I was able to spend with you a few weeks ago. You were immediately familiar to me from the first second, as if we had known each other for a very long time, very serious and sophisticated as you appeared to me that evening. Your positive and attractive charisma and above all your likeable nature made it easy for me to feel comfortable in your presence from the start, I thought wow, what a great man when I opened the door and you stood in front of me. I remember the deep conversations we had afterwards, as well as our unique togetherness. You read my wishes from my lips. Thanks for the hot and wild night. It took me a long time to write these lines because I didn't really want to write them, but I just had to thank you for the wonderful evening I was allowed to spend with you.

Best wishes 🤗


M wrote 

Dear Kevin

I would like to thank you for the two wonderful weekends. You were unique in every respect. You have lifted my heart and my soul, I feel years younger after your tenderness, after the laughter and also after the serious conversations with you. After a difficult time for me you brought me and my body back to life :)
We had an amazing time!! I wish you continued success and can only say that it is worth booking Kevin, but beware, it could be addictive.
Greetings from Switzerland


Katya wrote 

Dear Kevin!

Your beautiful brown eyes immediately enchanted me and for this reason you have already taken a very big place in my heart. Even though you are many years younger than me.
Before our meeting, however, this was not foreseen on my part. I don't even know exactly how that could have happened. I'm still missing a few meters of "film". I've been living in a different world since then. But what I personally don't see as negative?

I've been married for years. The first few years went particularly well. Unfortunately, the last ones were very bad. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought of contacting you. I missed the closeness of a man. And I was longing for it very much. I didn't realize on our first date that I booked you, we had a very pleasant chat. What happened next was insane for me. You gave me this closeness and much more. Something I've missed so much for years. In the hours we were together you sent me to nirvana a few times. I hope we can do this again on our next date.

See you soon your Katja


Jay wrote

Kevin is a sensitive lover, he went out of his way to fulfill my every wish. I felt very comfortable in his presence, he is also an attentive listener and an entertaining conversationalist. I enjoyed the time with him and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for the evening!  


Thi wrote 

I met Kevin 3 weeks ago... I really liked what I saw and read about him... I wanted to meet him. The first impression and its appearance were really very positive. His loving, caring nature made it easy for me to trust him and let myself go. I was nearby for two weeks on business, I really enjoyed that Kevin sweetened my evening after work... Not many men know what women want...

Anja & Thomas sch.

Kevin is a very empathetic escort.
We have a lot of fun with him, we forget everyday life immediately and dive into another world. He knows how to perfectly combine passion, sex and style. Absolute discretion is a matter of honor for him and you notice and feel that immediately. He is always stylish, well-groomed and has very good manners. He's always fun in bed, it's very beneficial, simply breathtaking and indescribable to have him playfully with you 😉

His style is stunning, we are a fan of his, he is a man for everything !!!
Absolutely rare these days.


Catherine wrote 

Kevin made it really easy for me to have this new experience. I feel the same way about him as Alexandra and the others do. His approachable, open and playful nature gave me a wonderful afternoon. My head cinema jumped off and I can imagine a lot more. To be continued... Here's to more pleasurable encounters....  


Christina wrote 

Dear Kevin!
I contacted you by phone and we set the date and time of our meeting. You have arrived at your destination after a long train journey from your home base. Now our journey began. I was very excited because it was my first date with a callboy.
However, that excitement quickly dissipated. You took me with you with your uncomplicated and emphatic manner. What happened next can hardly be put into words. You spoiled me and I was the center of attention. One could easily get used to it.

Your dexterity, your sweet kisses and your steadfastness cannot be surpassed.
It was quite simply put, a great hot night that I will not forget. Thank you for the beautiful hours I was allowed to spend with you. Of course, one cannot say in advance what the future will bring. But I wish with all my heart to do it again.

Ci vediamo


Alexandra wrote

Dear Kevin,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful hours I was allowed to spend with you.
I've been toying with the idea of booking a callboy for a while now and I have to honestly say I've waited way too long. I can't describe what I experienced with you so easily, a woman simply has to experience it herself. Although I was very excited, you immediately relaxed the atmosphere with our beautiful conversations and your loving nature. I felt very comfortable in your presence from the start. You were with me from the beginning, from our first kiss to the erotic end it was very hot with you. At no time did you give me the feeling that I had booked you, it seemed to me as if we had spent a very normal but very intense and wonderful night together. You know exactly what a woman needs and have fulfilled all my wishes. All I can say is this was the best sex I've had in my entire life. I want and hopefully will see you again soon to repeat the wonderful time with you?

LG see you soon?


L wrote

Kevin just leaves me speechless. It was my first experience in this regard. I really just don't have the words to describe this evening and to do it justice. I was super excited at first - but from the moment we met I was instantly calm, thanks to him. The nervousness vanished like fog on the wind. We were noticeably on the same wavelength in the conversations and in dealing with each other. It felt like we had known each other forever and were finally seeing each other again after a long time. Where the fire was glowing all the time. We had so many interesting topics to talk about and he often made me laugh. He masters this ease with bravura. I forgot everything around me - time and space. I completely lost myself in that moment because the 100 percent attention was all for me. He also perfectly merged the transition from the initial meeting to the erotic part. I have never had such an experience sexually. I'm blown away. Simply outstanding. When I think back on it, I still get goosebumps from inner passion. A woman simply has to experience that. He is the epitome of pure eroticism!


Viva wrote 

I felt like going on a non-binding date and wanted to treat myself to something. I chose Kevin because I liked his smile. The appointment and meeting was very uncomplicated. Kevin is very entertaining and I couldn't tell any difference to a "normal" date.
At the hotel, he has proven to be extremely persistent, dexterous and a passionate kisser. Here, too, I always had the feeling that he desired me and also enjoyed it, no words were necessary, but he always recognized what I liked and what I wanted more of.
My conclusion after this first attempt is clear. Kevin is definitely worth repeating, because at no time did I have the bad feeling I feared that he was only providing a service, but that he fully responded to me and completely satisfied me.
I have some experience with online dating and I have to say that this evening was a very good alternative, which I do not regret, thanks to Kevin.


Anna wrote 

A great lover, willing and open to my wishes, sensitive and loving but also persistent and strong. Thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable hours with you and for opening up new, pleasurable worlds.


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