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Callboy Braunschweig
Schloss Richmond Braunschweig

Would you like to circumnavigate the city in Braunschweig with your callboy on a boat tour on the Oker? Dating back to the Middle Ages, the moats embrace the city as a 6.5-kilometre-long water ring and green belt. Then you can explore nature and Richmond Castle with your callboy Braunschweig. Or would you rather visit the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum near the Oker with your Braunschweig callboy? The destination for art lovers one of the oldest art museums in Europe famous for paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer.

You can also visit the Natural History Museum with your gigolo Braunschweig. The huge collection of history goes back over 250 years. A highlight is the dinosaur that was found during excavations in Africa in 2008.

As your Callboy Braunschweig, I look forward to a wonderful encounter and new unique experiences with you. As an escort in Braunschweig, I will accompany you to every occasion and excursion of your choice. 

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